Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rally challenges mandate to cut railway: video | Newcastle Herald

Newcastle prostate cancer treatment will save thousands of lives

A NEW treatment for prostate cancer, which Hunter researchers administered, is predicted to save more than 1000 Australian lives each year.
University of Newcastle conjoint Professor Jim Denham described the new medication option as “the holy grail” to beating the most aggressive forms of the disease.
He said this was because it reduced the spread of localised tumours by 40 per cent.
In a trial called RADAR, men were put on a combination of testosterone-suppression therapy, a drug that’s used for osteoporosis, called zoledronic acid, and radiation therapy over 18 months.
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Newcastle prostate cancer treatment will save thousands of lives | Newcastle Herald:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Winners 2014 Hunter Wine Show

Congratulations to Drayton's Wines success at the recent Hunter Valley Wine Show
The Heritage Vines Liqueur Verdelho received the trophy for the best fortified at the Show while the Heritage Vines 1978 Tawny was the International Judge’s Wine of the show –  winner of “The Silver Bullet” both available at the Drayton winery, at 555 Oakey Creek Road, Pokolbin, at and in wine stores.

As one of those that have attended Edgar’s Fortified Master Classes at Dayton's it's no surprise but it is nice to see Drayton's fine fortified wines get the recognition they deserve. 

For the full run-down on all the Hunter winners and their fine wines see the full list here Hunter Wine Show results 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

Will Newcastle Views Be Sold Off To Appease Developers?

Will high rise developments ruin the view and the ambiance of this historical Australian city?

Could we find Newcastle reserved for the cashed up property investors from Sydney and
overseas, blocking sun to existing residents leading the way for our historic centre to be locked off from the visitors from outlying towns who and tourists to the region and reserved just for those with the cash to pay for our fabulous city views?

"While full details of the plan won’t be released until late March, the plan 
has already sparked strong debate over the city’s future, with many saying 
that views to and from the city’s iconic Christ Church Cathedral should 
be protected.

Dean of the cathedral the Very Reverend Stephen Williams said
he hoped the  views would be defended.
‘‘The cathedral community wants to be part of the renewal of Newcastle
and we welcome signs of fresh investment and energy coming into the city,’’
he said.
‘‘We share a hope that view corridors to the cathedral are not unduly
compromised, and that developments add, rather than detract, from
the liveability of a great city.’’ "

Herald story 

Ann Hardy writes an opinion piece on this that is well worth a read.

OPINION: No point cutting out city’s historic heart

"This is the jewel in our crown.
 Increased building heights would seriously affect the city’s historic character and setting.
Other cities don’t target their historic hearts for increased development, especially when other solutions are available –  truly vibrant cities are those where there is a complex interplay of new and old – not just new replacing old as Cr McCloy is suggesting.
Planning in Newcastle must be carefully considered to respect its character and certainly the planning framework has for many years produced a variety of new buildings – all of which have maintained the views of the Cathedral.
In Newcastle, the visual landscape of our city is equally important as the rich mix of heritage buildings in the city centre." Read the full piece here 

Heartbreaking Loss Of Maddie Tippett

Touching articles on the life and loss of Maddie Tippett who died so suddenly this week from complications from two cold viruses.  Maddie was three years old.

Wishing her family and community around them condolences for this tragic loss.

Read Maddie's story here
Sydney Herald 
Daily Telegraph

UPDATE:  You can help remember Maddie by contributing to this fund to buy a park bench in Maddie's name. Monies raised above that needed will be donated to John Hunter Hospital.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Technology And Passion Unlocks History of Newcastle

A fabulous project is unfolding that uses technology, historical documents and a lot of hard work from some passionate individuals to create a world of yesteryear to explore from our earliest days of white settlement - and aboriginal history.  Carol Duncan speaks with Gionni di Gravio on how it is progressing. 

17 February, 2014 

Virtual Newcastle 1818 - 1830

It may soon be possible to take a 'virtual walk' through the Newcastle of 1818, thanks to a project underway by the University of Newcastle and Coal River Working Party.
See more pictures and read the story here